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MaxiPure - AmmoniaKMnO4

MaxiPure - AmmoniaKMnO4
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 Airmax “ MaxiPure -KMnO4 “ potassium permanaganate (KMnO4) uses zeolite treated with
KMnO4 for removal of acid gases, formaldehyde and ammonia. This filter can be used in any of
the applications mentioned above. Many times this material is specified and must be used to
meet the specification.
Airmax-Bag after filter is supplied to prevent carbon dust on downstream side.

Target Contaminants and The Removal Process
Contaminants are removed by adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction. Odorous gases
penetrate into the core where they react with the KMnO4 and other chemicals and are converted
into safe, non-odorous byproducts. Many become solids and are captured on the pellet. Common
contaminants include: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, and formaldehyde.

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