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MaxiPure - Grand

MaxiPure - Grand
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      Airmax  “ MaxiPure - Grand  “ is one of our gas phase absorber product. Media consists of a very fine granular carbon (90% activity, 20x50 mesh) with 600 grams per square meter. The granules are bonded to a synthetic fiber substrate which is sealed within a sleeve of spun bonded synthetic scrim to prevent carbon dusting. No post filter is needed to contain particle shedding often associated with carbon filters.

Chemical filtration for continuous removal
Of low level concentrations of Airborne
Molecular Contamination (AMC)
Less than 500 parts per billion (ppb).

 ACTIVATED CARBON : Coconut Shell Base
CARBON SIZE: 20X50 meshCTC Activity Rating : >90%Iodine Absorption : min 1,300 mg/gmPleat number : 58 pleats/packFrame : ABS Frame with Single Header
BASE WEIGHT: 600g/m2 carbon contentMedia Area : 56 Sq.Ft.PRESSURE DROP : 80 Pa

* Highest first pass removal efficiency
* Highest carbon loading
* Highest activity carbon
* Lowest carbon shedding
* Low resistance

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