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Maxiflow II Slim

Maxiflow II Slim
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Maxiflow II Slim Maxiflow II Slim Maxiflow II Slim

Airmax’ Maxiflow II Slim filters incorporate the performance of high efficiency mini pleat media packs with moisture
resistance cardboard frame and durable corrosion resistance steel frame. 4” Deep slim design is helpful to reduce space
required with more compact under the same quality and performance as of 12” Deep pleat type Maxiflow I.

Available in two Efficiencies
MERV 14 : 90-95 % 
MERV 13 : 80-85 % 
MERV 11 : 60-65 %
Slim profile (4” Deep)
Moisture resistance cardboard frame
Corrosion resistance galvanized steel frame
Max operating temperature 80 C
Light weight

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