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Hepa Max - HT

Hepa Max - HT
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Hepa Max - HT Hepa Max - HT

Airmax ”HEPA MAX-HT” is specially designed to meet the most stringent requirements and are designrdto maintain their intergrity and rated performance values in applications with extremely high temperatures. And Hemmed aluminum seperators provide equal pleat space and preventing media damage. This flter is ideal for location with operating temperature Aup to 350°c.

* High eff. 99.99% (H13) ~ 99.999% on 0.3μm (H14)
* Individually scanned test and test report
* Water proof ultra fine glass fiber
* A variety of frames are available
* Very strong construction

Media : Ultra fine glass fiber
Frame : GI/SUS
Sealant : Red silicone, Ceramics
Gasket : Red silicone, PTFE
Max Temp : 150°c / 350°c
Max Humidity : 100%RH

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