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Maxi flow I High Temperature

Maxi flow I High Temperature
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“Maxiflow I - High Temperature” by Airmax is enclosed a fine glass fiber media in a 24 Ga. Galvanized Steel Cellside.
Safe Edges corrugated Aluminium separator maintain paper spacing between pleats for minimum resistance .
and allow full utilization of the media. 7/8” Header attached on the cellside is easy for front and side access installation in AHU.
All four sides of media pack are sealed with PU glue to prevent air bypass. Airtight neoprne gasket on header is available
upon request. Recommended final resistance up to 1.5 In.Wg (380 Pascal)

* High capacity and low pressure loss
* Water proof fine glass fiber media
* High dust holding capacity
* Sealant by Silicon
* Stainless steel frame
* Max Temp : 250°C
* Efficiency EN779 : F6, F7 and F8
(ASHRAE 52.1 Dust spot efficiency 65%, 85% and 95%)

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